Mahatala Nommensen Held an Environmental Seminar in the Framework of the 27th Annivers ary, Titled Tourism of Lake Toba

Student Activity Unit, Nature Lovers (Mapala) Mahatala Nommensen held an environmental seminar in the framework of the 27th Anniversary, titled Tourism of Lake Toba, Saturday (6/7/2019), at the HKBP Nommensen University 
Campus Building, Sutomo street, Medan.
Foto By : Mahatala/

The Environmental Seminar entitled Tourism of Lake Toba with the aim of building awareness of the younger generation in the rehabilitation of the environment and tourism of Lake Toba.
Present as a speaker Ir. Juang Sinaga, Deputy Regent of Samosir District, Yuda Nugraha from the Lake Toba Authority, Manguji Nababan from the head of the HKBP Nommensen University Batak Culture Documentation and Study Center and the North Sumatra Tourism Office. 


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